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IT Recruitment Agency Soft-staff (Russia, Moscow)

The recruitment agency of Soft-staff provides professional staff recruitment of IT of experts for work in Moscow, regions of Russia and abroad.

Carrying out selection IT personnel here more than 9 years, the recruitment agency of Soft-staff is included steadily into number of the best recruitment agencies of Moscow on selection IT experts.

We use own technology of the IT recruitment allowing effectively to work within the competitive market in work.

We consider as the main advantage high quality of services in staff recruitment. It includes deep understanding of specifics of business, honest and objective approach, granting the most qualified candidates for agreed time frames.

We successfully cooperate with the western and Russian companies, providing them the following types of service:

- Selection of IT of heads - Soft, Hard, Web

- Selection of IT of experts in the field of development and support of the software and databases (developers, architects, analysts, administrators)

- Selection expert ofs SAP, ERP, CRM, WMS, EDMS

- Selection of IT of experts for Banks

- Selection of developers of electronics and digital devices

- Selection of Web specialists

Search and selection of experts we osushchetsvlyay as in Moscow ~ 75% of projects, and in regions ~ 10-15% of projects.

Also we actively work in the sphere of it of recruiting of experts for work abroad (10-15%).

More than 70% of clients address to us repeatedly and recommend to the colleagues, partners and friends.

We provide our customers for recruiting the following services:


Executive Search,

Proactive recruiting (with elements of Executive Search),

Classic Recruitment (general recruitment)

We will be glad to answer any questions by phone (495) 6447813, (499) 177-72-96, by e-mail

Resource Recruitment Agency Moscow

Moscow Agency Executive Search Recruitment IT

Recruitment Category

- Business Analyst
- IT Director
- IT Manager
- IT Support
- Application Programming
- ASIC/Chip Design
- Client Server
- DBA/Datawarehousing
- eCommerce/Internet
- Embedded/EDA/VLSI
- Hardware/Telecom
- Mainframe
- Middleware
- Mobile
- Network Admin/Security
- System Programming
- Systems/EDP/MIS
- Telecom Software
- Programme Manager
- Project Manager
- R&D/Engineering Design
- Systems Analyst


Since August 2012, we accept payments only in rubles and, much to our regret, compelled to refuse to cooperate with the companies by non-residents who do not have offices in Russia and partners to meet this condition.

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